At Mind to Body™, we believe our massage and lotion candles are simply irresistible. But don't just take it from us. Here are a few comments from some of our loyal customers. We hope you enjoy them! Check out some pics of our celebrities on our Media Page.
Mitchell Coombes, Celebrity Medium and Best Selling Author
“I love burning Mind to Body candles – especially massage and lotion candles from their signature range. The divine fragrances not only awaken the senses, and smell delicious, but the warm wax feels luxurious and nourishing on the body” www.mitchellcoombes.com
Carmelo Pizzino - Dancing with the stars, Professional Dancer (above)
Beautiful candles! The scents are amazing xxxx
Samantha Bui MKR (above) 
I absolutely Love your candles! the whole family loves them especially my boyfriend & mum (Jill my kitchen rules cooking partner) has been enjoying her mani and pedicure massage candle jar. Thank you for making these beautiful massage and lotion candles:) www.samanthabui.com/mind-to-body
Larry Emdur, The Morning Show (above)
Dear Renna. It was great to meet you at the Mind, Body & Spirit Expo. We have put the massage and lotion candles all over the house and we love them. I hope you don’t mind but we need to order lots and lots because we can't find a better present anywhere. I may have to get you to set up a shop in our spare room because everyone who walks into the house wants one, or two.  As seen on Channel 7 morning show sexpo segment "I'll take ten!" 
Seda Jurin, Professional Entertainer
I love the lavender candle! Connects me with my inner self on a deeper level and clears my mind from all the polutions! Organic, pure, feeling safe, feeling calm, and a softness in my body. Love the Lavender Massage Candle as a priority in our busy lifestyle. Very calming for the MIND and BODY - says it all. 
Sammy Woods Vibrant concepts (above)
Lit my candle last night....just delightful! Sam Woods - Fashion Professional - www.vibrantconcepts.com.au
Michelle "Bombshell" McGee
They look amazing, I want to eat them! 
I’ve been curious about these candles since they were unveiled at last year’s spa and beauty expo. They work as normal candles, however, upon burning the wax produced can be used as massage lotion on yourself (or a partner). Landing on my desk on Valentine’s Day, I figured this week was the perfect time to put one of these candles to the test. I chose Coconut & Lime because the fresh, tropical scent was my favourite from the range. The candle smells beautiful but not overpowering as it burns, and I allowed it to burn for about 15 minutes to allow adequate wax to form. After blowing it out, I just waited a moment before pouring the wax onto my skin to test it. It feels warm, but in no way uncomfortable, and melts into skin easily without leaving any sort of oily or waxy residue. The likeness to a regular massage oil surprised me, however the warm, scented formula makes it that little bit more sensual to use. I’ll definitely be using these again! - Lucy, beautydirectory.
Hello Renna! I bought one of your candles, I would like to thank you so much, I am enjoying it's powers thoroughly! Michelle, Switzerland

Thank you for your generosity for supporting the Look Good...Feel Better charity. The Green Tea & Lemon candles left a fresh scent throughout the room and the packaging looked phenomenal! Zoi, Events Management

I was at Mind Body Spirit Festival, and bought your candle oil. Let me say my husband thinks it's the best he has been in pain for 5 years with disc degenerative which means it gets worse over time. I've used the oil twice so far and he feels light and the pain eases. Thank you so much! Annie (via email).
I LOVE these candles, I incorporate them in my treatments and certainly have clients who quote OMG I want one! If only I had a penny for every client who asked... Suzanne, Mobile Beauty 
Just wanted to tell you once again your candles are AMAZING!! Du Vall'on Day Spa, Springwood
Thank you for your beautiful massage candle.  Kai Aiyub - Fashion Stylist Sunrise, Channel 7
Wow what a lovely candle, they smell amazing! Franki Hobson - Editor of Cosmopolitan Bride, Pregnancy Hair & Beauty
Your candles are delicious! Mandita - Account Executive, Who Magazine
I love your product…they are beautiful. Abbi - National Deputy Advertising Manager, ACP Magazines 
I just love your candles and can think of no better favour for our family and friends on our wedding day. I just love all of the candles you make! Susan - Senior Account Manager, New Idea Magazine
Wow, what an innovation - love the smell and texture. Annie - Magazine Editor, My Child
I just love the candles, oh my god – heaven! Dan - Studio Bambini Magazine
I just love your candles! Eleanor P - Beauty Writer, Cosmopolitan Bride, Pregnancy & Health
I have been using your candles and loving them! Dilvin Y - Features Writer, ACP Magazines Bride, Hair & Beauty
Beautiful candles, I picked out the vanilla and cinnamon one, beautiful. Simone - Editor
Amazing innovation - amazing fragrance - amazing candles! Maria - CEO Allure Make-up
I love your candles, I take them with me on weekends away and use as a massage oil, very romantic - thank you for an amazing product, will always recommend to friends and family. Yves, Darling Harbour
Amazing candles, great for my clients, they absolutely love your candles. Sally Nakata, JAPAN
I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your candles, I adore them, they have worked wonders on my dry hands, and they smell divine and last forever. I burn them in my home everyday and the aroma is just gorgeous...love it! Jessica - Cot Couture, SA
I bought your Melon & Fig candle at the Sydney Expo this year, I just wanted to say…excellent candle! I love it in my bath. Kylie Crean, QLD
Just a quick email to say thank you for delivering the massage & lotion candle to my fiancé on her birthday. She was amazed to be able to use it on her hands & feet. Thank you, beautiful packaging. Max Milton, USA
Love your Lavender & Cucumber candle. I burn it during my meditation group every month. I get all my class to use as a hand lotion before they leave. Nuk.W - Yoga & Pilate’s Instructor
Love your candles for naughty nights. Scott Holmes, NSW
Your candles evoke good spirit, I love the vivacious fresh, fruit-inspired fragrances. Chloe Smith, UK
Very clever beautiful candle and massage lotion, very good smell and texture, my hands and body are soft. L.Wu, China
Delish! Thank you for an amazing candle, I love using them and can’t wait to come home and burn them, they even make the house smell nice without burning them. Elizabeth Campo, UK
My girlfriend loved the candle and was shocked when I used it as a massage oil, very nice and warm. Marcus Graham, QLD
Fresh and delicious, yum! Angela Bell, NEW ZEALAND


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