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                                                  TIGHTENING                 TONING                      DETOXING          


                                                                          Grapefruit essential oil may              Green coffee been oil with           Juniperberry essential oil

                                                                          assist in diminishing the                    its purifying properties may          has properties which may

                                                                          appearance of dimpled skin              assist in smoothing and               assist in purifying and keeping

                                                                          and help the skin look tight                re-texturises the skin's                the skin's appearance in

                                                                          and toned.                                         appearance.                                optimum condition.




Our TTD formula (Tightening/Toning and Detoxing) massage candle may assist in improving the condition of the skin's appearance.

The unique blend of warming and stimulating essential oils may assist in leaving the skin feeling and looking smooth and terrific.

The TTD candle has been specially formulated to include ingredients which have been known for their antioxidant properties.


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SOYSLIM™ Candles
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SoySlim™ Candles SoySlim™ Candles
SoySlim™ will compliment any of the below body wraps you offer in your salon as an aftercare massage: Slimming Bo…

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